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HOTELS AND B&Bs  all within 2–5 miles of Chettle

(prices are a guide only, please check with the establishment)

The only place to stay in the village is The Castleman Hotel  – 01258 830096 (£100-£130 a night)

Museum Inn – 01725 516261    (£140-£190 a night)
Launceston Farm  – 01258 830528    (various depending on cottage)
Cashmoor House  – 01725 552339   (£70 a night)
The King John Inn  – 01725 516207    (£120-£180 a night)
Farnham Farmhouse  – 01725 516254    (£100 a night)
The Langton Arms – 01258 830225    (£100 a night)

Please let us know if you have rooms to rent:

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