We are very sad to announce…

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Dear friends

It is with an extremely heavy heart that we’ve made the decision to cancel this year’s Chettle Village Fete.

As many know it’s been a very difficult time in the events industry, and it is painfully clear to us that in spite of a tremendous effort by us organisers, the villagers and a huge number of other kind helpers, all of it voluntary (as it always has been), it will be next to impossible for us to maintain our standards yet turn a decent profit to raise funds for the important and amazing causes so dear to our hearts.


For over a decade we have massively enjoyed conceiving and creating the craziness that made the fete so original and special: the hairy Miss Chettle beauty pageant, the Alternative Dog Show, pantomime horse racing, the Butty & Soul area, our fabulous compere Raoul and so much more, and in that time we have raised tens of thousands of pounds for local and international causes, from helping families build a life after escaping war and persecution, to local food banks, hospitals and hospices, to improving wildlife habitats by tree and hedge-planting and rewilding.  


We hope you understand our situation and that this gut-wrenching decision has not been made lightly. We want to express our enormous love and thanks to everybody who has supported us, whether rolling up your sleeves, hammering in posts and raising marquees, running stalls, dressing up, undressing, pimping puppies, growing juicy strawberries, jousting on a motorbike, stuffing scones, washing cars in a mankini or just spending your hard-earned cash on cream teas, books, noxious cider and everything else.    We could not have got this far without you, and know that we continue to look for fun and silly ways to evolve harmoniously, sympathetically and joyfully…


Please keep following us as there is still a lot we want to do with you!


Chettle Fete Crew X


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